Infrastructure / Public-Private Partnership

  • Advising a Russian region on the first Russian toll road concession projects.
  • Advising a Russian region on the first Russian water and wastewater concession project.
  • Advising a railway company on a concession agreement regarding modernization and operation of a foreign railway system.
  • Advising European investors on implementation of several BOOT (Build-Own-Operate-Transfer) and BOO (Build-Own-Operate) projects in public utilities sector in Moscow and CIS.
  • Advising a railway company on a railway construction contract in a North Africa country.
  • Advising a railway company on participation in a tender for concession award for a railway station in an Asian country.
  • Advising a railway company on joint-venture with a national government operating a railway in a Far-East country.
  • Advising a European investor on acquiring and operating airports in Russia.
  • Advising a European energy company on an alternative energy project in forest industry in a Russian region.
  • Advising a leading European automobile manufacturer on an investment project in Russia, including conclusion of investment agreement with Russian Government.

Real Estate

  • Advising a European Investor on a construction contract with local contractor for construction of a production plant in Russia.
  • Due diligence of retail chain, production plants and storages in Moscow, Moscow region and regions of Russia.
  • Due diligence and advising on acquisition of several shopping malls in Moscow by a major European investment fund.
  • Drafting and negotiating a number of lease agreements between a retailer and major Moscow region shopping malls.
  • Due diligence and acquisition of land plots in Moscow and regions of Russia, including privatization procedures.
  • Drafting and negotiations of numerous commercial real estate lease agreements and various commercial contracts.


  • Advising a European shareholder on establishment of a Joint-Venture in Russia in mass media with other foreign partner.
  • Advising European investors on share-purchase agreements and due diligence of several Russian enterprises.
  • Due diligence of Russian subsidiaries of transnational packaging and production companies.
  • Representing a European shareholder in a corporate dispute regarding a JV-company owing a port infrastructure in Russia.
  • Advising European investors on establishment of Joint-Ventures with Russian partners and subsidiaries of foreign companies in Russia.
  • Advising on establishment of a charitable fund.
  • Advising on legal issues of routine activity of legal entities, e.g. charter capital increase, changing General Director or Board of Director’s members, amending charter and other documents etc.


  • Participating in preparation of a written statement submitted by the Russian Federation to the UN International Court of Justice within the advisory proceedings regarding the Request for Advisory Opinion "Accordance with International Law of the Unilateral Declaration of Independence by the Provisional Institutions of Self-Government of Kosovo".
  • Litigation in real estate disputes.
  • Litigation in public (administrative) procedure disputes (challenging normative legal act and individual legal acts).
  • Advising on labor, inheritance, family and other civil law matters.
  • Representing in Courts decision’ enforcement procedures.